Thursday, February 2, 2012

Skywhale - The World At Mind’s End (1977 England) [ProgRock] @320

A true obscured gem
(vinyl rip)

Skywhale was formed in 1974 by Steve Robshaw in Bristol UK, in order to play an eclectic blend of soaring optimistic melodic music. This seven piece band created a new and uplifting style of instrumental music, fusing jazz, rock, funk, orchestral and celtic styles. Considered to be a masterpiece, the re-release of this album has been eagerley awaited by fans world wide.
Their album has digitally remastered in Nov 2006 and is available through CD Baby and their Myspace.

This was their only album and it's a melodic blend of entirely instrumental music comprising six tracks in total, all but one of which exceed the seven-minute mark. In addition to the ubiquitous guitar, keys, bass and drums Skywhale featured an additional percussionist and two wind players so there's always plenty going on and the music has something of a Latin feel. There's no real need to try to describe the music further so I'll just let it speak for itself.

In spite of its many qualities this album is probably destined to remain an obscurity and while it's never likely to challenge for a place in the top 100 prog albums it deserves at least some attention. Your first port of call should now be YouTube where you can listen to the album in its entirety (just ignore the vinyl crackles on the recordings), followed by a visit to Amazon where the MP3 is currently available to download for less than a five-spot. If you're a fan of Jazz Rock/Fusion you're in for a rare treat! 
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01 - Epicure
02 - Hydralic Fever
03 - Two Budda Garage
04 - The World At Mind's End
05 - Eternal Optimist (The Rat)
06 - Bogies

Steve Robshaw: guitars, violin, Roland guitar synthesizer
Stan Thewils: flute, tenor saxophone
Paul Todd: soprano saxophone, flute, penny whistle
Dougall Airmole: bass
Mick Avery: drums, percussion
Gwyo Zepix: keyboards, EMS & ARP Synthesizers
John Schofield: percussion

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