Sunday, June 4, 2017

Von Zamla - Zamlaranamma (Sweden 1982) [AvantProg] @320

After the dissolution of Samla Mammas Manna (as Zamla Mammaz Manna), master musicians Haapala y Hollmer decided to renew their partnership with this project Von Zamla, together with other two musicians from Albert Marcoeur's band. The result: a musical offering whose main bet was on multicolored melodic motifs, extravagant tratments, heavily relying on dissonant chord progressions and pretty recurrently sustained on counterpoints regarding the arrangements. Zamlaranamma is the first recorded manifestation of this result. Von Zamla's music is deeply challenging while not being particularly aggressive - their compositions and style bear the heritage of ZMM but with a more light-weight attitude toward the interactions between all musicians. The absence of a drummer, or more precisely, a specialized percussive section, allows the ensamble to focus more enthusiastically on the amalgamation of keyboards, guitars and woodwinds, although the rhythmic basis still plays a solid role at ordaining the aforesaid amalgamation.

1. Harujänta (7:49) 
2. Rainbox (3:14) 
3. Doppler (4:34) 
4. Clandestine (5:48) 
5. Temporal you are (4:32) 
6. Original 13 II (4:46) 
7. Ten tango (5:40) 
8. Antsong (5:11) 
9. Tail of antsong (2:05)

Lars Hollmer / keyboards, accordion, percussion, glockenspiel, lead vocals
Denis Brely / bassoon, oboe, voice, baryton sax, Soprano flute 
Jan Garret / bass, bass pedals, guitar, percussion, vocals 
Eino Haapala / guitar, bass, cello, mandoline, percussion, vocals 


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