Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flash - In The Can (1972 England) 2010 Remaster SHM-CD [ProgRock] @320

This second FLASH`s album was recorded as a quartet. Keyboard player Tony Kaye, who never was an official member of the band and who was only a guest on their first album, didn`t participate in this album and went to form his own band called BADGER. So, this album has a lot of guitars and very few parts on which Peter Banks plays the ARP synthesizer.

I think that it is unfair to underrate Peter Banks as a guitarist, because in this album he also shows that he is a very good guitarist with his very own style. Bassist Ray Bennett, who also was the main composer of the songs in this album, also shows that he is a very good bassist, and there are some similarities between his sytle of playing the bass with the styles of John Entwistle and Chris Squire. Singer Colin Carter is also good, and there are some very good vocals arrangements done with Banks and Bennett. Drummer Michael Hough is a more "Rocker" drummer, but he also plays some interesting things.

"Lifetime" and "Monday Morning Eyes" are, IMO, the best songs in this album. I think that FLASH deserves more respect as a band, because this album, despite the lack of a keyboard player, shows them as a very good Progressive Rock band.

01. Lifetime (10:05)
02. Monday morning eyes (5:03)
03. Black and white (12:04)
04. Stop that banging (1:50)
05. There no more (11:35)

Peter Banks: acoustic electric & Spanish guitars, Hooter, ARP synth, backing vocals
Ray Bennett: bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals (2)
Colin Carter: vocals, percussion
Mike Hough: drums, percussion, cymbals, badinage


  1. Thanks for Flash. this was one of my fave 8tracks back in the day. Is there a download link for In the Can?

  2. Adding to my Flash collection, thankyou very much for posting this album. cheers....JeffH

  3. thks for posting, we´ll miss Peter

  4. Got to see these guys headline ProgDay in 2012. Amazing show. Ray and Colin still have as much energy as they did back in the day!


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