Friday, March 9, 2012

Ibrido Hot Six - Ibrido Hot Six Plays Acquiring The Taste (2010 Italy) [ProgProg] @320

Considered – with Genesis and King Crimson – the most creative group of the seventies, capable to create resonant worlds on horseback between ancient music and contemporary, classic and rock, the Gentle Giant contributed to define a type, the progressive rock, that has given to the some light between the most important works of the popular music of all of the times.  The Gentle Giant, inspiring itself all plot of motive cultured and popular of the renaissance saga of Rabelais, has distinguished thanks all symphonic approach of the poly istrumentism and to the refined songwriting of masterpieces what Funny Ways and Pantagruel's Nativity. 

Studied from a musician of large pertaining to perspective openings like Antonio Apuzzo, the Gentle Giant there come returned from this in all book their artistic parable, leaving from the primordi of fine sixties until the masterpieces of Seventy and to the last, recent apparitions of the group Three Friends, born from the union of three historical components of the band (two of which collaborated to this hover releasing a interview). The analysis of all of the pieces of their repertory offers a indispensable leader all listening, and to the deep understanding, the ambitious aesthetics and fascinating of Gentle Giant.

The cd cited, Hybrid Hot Six Plays Acquiring The Taste, proposes the rereading in instrumental key of eight unforgettable compositions of the second album of the Gentle Giant. The faithful approach to the original material surprises for the exaltation of its matrix chamber and the transparency timbrica of the ensemble, formed from two basses, oboe, flutes, fails and reeds. 

Saxophone player, clarinet player, composer and teacher of music, Antonio Apuzzo is profitable since 1975 nell' àmbito of the jazz and of the contemporary music.  Besides to realize numerous record engravings (on everything, those with the trio Orselli Apuzzo Lalla) has composed (with Mauro Thistles) the opera Luz for trio jazz and settetto from room, produced from Italian broadcasting corporation RAI Radio3, and finalist was all' International Songwriting Competition 2007.  Before this hover it wrote, in collaboration with Luigi you Honor, The jazz in the afroamerican tradition. 

01. Pantagruel's Nativity
02. Edge Of Twilight
03. Giant Links: Echoes
04. The House, The Street, The Room
05. Giant Links: The City
06. Acquiring The Taste
07. Giant Links: Before The Wreck
08. Wreck
09. The Moon Is Down
10. Black Cat
11. Giant Links: Blues For Martin
12. Plain Truth

Antonio Apuzzo - Tenor and alto sax, clarinet and bass clarinet, descant recorder
Pino Capomolla - flute, tenor recorder
Francesco Fratini - trumpet
Gianni Di Ruzza - oboe
Gianluca Taddei - bass
Sandro Lalla - bass

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