Monday, May 3, 2010

Adrian Belew - e (USA 2009) [ProgRock] @320

It's been a while since we had another King Crimson album. During this time Adrian Belew has managed to release quite a few albums and this completely instrumental 2009-offering came right after the completion of the Side-series.
Unlike the previous albums e features a steady lineup of Adrian Belew on guitar, Julie Slick on bass while her brother Eric Slick handles the drums. According to Julie Slick's myspace website the band formed in March of 2006 when they took the stage at the Knitting Factory in New York City for a performance of Frank Zappa's City of Tiny Lites. After that performance the Adrian Belew Power Trio went on a long tour which they then followed by recording this album.

e or Planet e, as it was originally titled, is roughly divided into five different sections where each one, except for c, is split into one or more sub-sections. According to Adrian Belew the compositions can be listened to as individual pieces of music, but they do interact through the overall theme that binds them together. Musically this is as close as Belew has ever managed to capture the sound of the two latest King Crimson releases on his solo album. Although unlike the cold and mechanical-sounding King Crimson compositions this release actually manages to maintain the human element which most likely has to do with the excellent rhythmic section!

The whole album is packed with some of the most elaborate playing that I've heard from Belew and I'm quite surprised to be the only one reviewing this album since it has been out since July 2009! Granted that there are a few sections that make me think that Belew is just sliding around in different scales there are always other elements of the sound that capture my attention besides the guitar work.

Rune2000 - Prog Archives

01. a (0:30)
02. a2 (3:37)
03. a3 (3:07)
04. b (6:12)
05. b2 (3:36)
06. b3 (1:21)
07. c (6:19)
08. d (6:00)
09. d2 (2:50)
10. e (0:55)
11. e2 (7:57)

Adrian Belew: guitars
Julie Slick: bass
Eric Slick: drums



  1. I love most things belew-y. Thank for the opportunity to listen to this!

  2. I concur with Larry

    Brilliant Blog


  3. This is more Crimso than the "Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins" Projeckt, but both are missing something - maybe each other. They should have thrown things together.....
    Thx for posting.


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