Sunday, March 7, 2010

Calomito - Inaudito (Italy 2005) [Jazz Rock Avant] @320

Calomito, from Genoa, Italy, wild sextet (double bass, guitar, drums, sax soprano, violin and Fender Rhodes), masters of candied jazz, chose to not deny themselves any way. That is total music, fusion of arab, tzigan, klezmer tastes on a solid progjazz base, remembering Doctor Nerve, Gong, Zappa… with a crackling and genuine creativity, which dilutes the astounding talent of the musicians and avoids any algid virtuoso wanking.
"...... the sound is a mix of progressive, r.i.o., Canterbury and jazz touch with a mediterranean influence that sometimes reminds of the fantastic Area, Gong, or Zappa … complex compositions, skilled musicians, a really good debut album!"

1. Collante
2. Nautilus
3. Am Ha'Aretz
4. Ebetus
5. Dal Buffo Buio
6. Rutz
7. Nascosto
8. Kaizer

Marco Ravera / electric guitar
Kai Kundratice / Rhodes, organ, synthesizer
Filippo Cantarella / viola and violin
Federico Barrai / alto sax, soprano sax, percussion
Tommaso Rolando / bass, electric bass
Paolo Piccardo / drums, samples

with guest musicians:
Matteo Ammirati / guitars
Marco Tindiglia / trumpet


  1. sorry Allez,
    and thank you CrimsonKing for the assistance

  2. There's some kind of problem with the password, because it only allows to open the first 3 tracks... Could you solve this?

  3. Hi Filipe.
    I did the download and extracted all tracks without any problem.
    The RAR file + password are working fine.

  4. Great site, great music and a BIG THANK YOU from Cape Town!


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