Monday, May 31, 2010

Synesthesia (David Martone & Navid Nikbakht) - Synesthesia (Canada/England 2000) [Fusion] @256

"Synesthesia", the album, is an acoustic instrumental project combining the guitar artistry of Navid Nikbakht and David Martone to create a unique and individual recording. Nikbakht and Martone each bring their own individual set of influences to this group, which also includes producer/percussionist Christoph Bracher. Using elements of Latin, Asian, Jazz and Rock, "Synesthesia"'s self-titled album has already found many fans worldwide. Canadian born David Martone has been heavily influenced by Classical and Progressive Rock music and has two electric instrumental projects out "Shut Up 'N Listen" and "Zone". Iranian born Nikbakht defines his music as "world fusion". Concentrating on acoustic instruments, Navid's varied musical background is apparent in all that he does. Elements of Latin, Moorish, Jazz, Gypsy as well as his native Persian music can be heard through out this project. Nikbakht and Martone met in 1992 while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston and quickly found a common platform to launch their own unique version of world music. On this project they are joined by top musicians from India, Jamaica, Germany, UK and Iran.

01 - Inquisitive Heart
02 - Shatki
03 - Conference of the Birds Part II (for A.F.)
04 - Blue
05 - Intersense
06 - Prelude in C# minor
07 - Sultan Ghalbam
08 - Abadan
09 - Voluptuous Vulcan

Navid Nikbakht: Guitars
David Martone: Guitars
B.K.Chandrashekhar: Violin
Gary Crosby: Bass
Farnoosh Behzad: Keyboards
Hossain Farjami: Vocals
Christoph Bracher: Percussions



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