Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gatto Marte - Gioco del Mago (Italy 2000) [AvantProg] @VBR~224

Gatto Marte are a Italian "progressive chamber quartet", who use violin, basson, piano & double bass. Their records are definitely comparable to folks like Julverne, ZNR, Jean-Philippe Goude's chamber works, etc., so if you are a fan of that style, you will want this.

01. Gioco del Mago
02. Tarantella del Gatto
03. Ladybird Dance
04. Petra
05. Il domatore di leoni
06. Fantasia e cadenza
07. Tone of innocence
08. Gun powder
09. A short story
10. Vorrei Partire
11. Tangata su nave che affonda
12. Fotogramma
13. Transeunte
14. Tango
15. Tarumba

Nino Cotone: Violin
Giuseppe Brancaccio: Bassoon
Maximilian Brooks: Piano, Vocals
Pietro Lusvardi: Contrabass
Guest Musician:
Beppe Ronzoni: Drums, Percussions


  1. i am just soooooooooo glad you brought this site back

  2. Same here. I have discovered so many new bands from this blog over the past 5-6 years. Many thanks, CK!

  3. thanx frum urkenny


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