Thursday, September 15, 2011

Peter Banks - Two Sides Of Peter Banks (1973 England) 2010 Remaster SHM-CD [ProgRock] @320

Talk about an eclectic album! Ex-Yes and Flash guitarzan Peter Banks really spilled his beans here, putting together a VERY original album with his mates from Flash (no Yes members invited, ah, such bitterness!!!) and a few choice guests: the fuzzy bass of John Wetton, the rythmic gymnastics of "Uncle" Phil Collins (back in the days when he was a gloriously talented drummer) and, last but not least, the unique guitar styles of Steve Hackett and Focus' Jan Akkerman (back in the days when he was a gloriously talented guitarist). With all this supremo talent, Banks sort of takes a back seat. "The White House Vale", "Knights" and mostly the full tilt improvised gem/jam "Stop That"are the highlights here, giving the guests a chance and a platform to let down their fairly long hair and just rip! Yeah, this is not your "perfect prog produced to perfection master opus" but it has a charm that has stood the test of time and still ellicits smiles, cheers and the occasional goose bumps. 

In many ways, the album's black, white and grey cover really sets the mood as this is no technicolor masterpiece! It's raw, slutty, dirty, visceral, angry, moody and My, my, that Akkerman could certainly play a mean guitar! Perhaps not a classic but definitely a showpiece for some inspired playing and a rare glimpse into Banks' rather odd career.

1. Visions Of The King (1:23)
2. The White House Vale (7:13)
- a. On The Hill
- b. Lord Of The Dragon
3. Knights (6:14)
- a. The Falcon
- b. The Bear
4. Battles (1:38)
5. Knights (Reprise) (2:11)
6. Last Eclipse (2:25)
7. Beyond The Loneliest Sea (3:06)
8. Stop That! (13:47)
9. Get Out Of My Fridge (3:20)

Peter Banks: electric and acoustic guitar, ARP, Minimoog, and Fender piano
Jan Akkerman: electric guitar (1,4,6,8,9), acoustic guitar (7)
Ray Bennett: bass guitar (3-5,8,9)
Phil Collins: drums (4,5,8,9)
Steve Hackett: electric guitar (5)
Mike Hough: drums (3)
John Whetton: bass guitar (5)


  1. Thanks For This One!
    Stop That! is a great jam, with superb, jazzy, understated drumming by Uncle Phil!!!

  2. Hey, yeah, so much more music from the genius in the balcony of folkyourself. As an RS advocate, it's sweeter to see that RS is still on the field when it comes to making the music global. SO MUCH as disappeared into the usual owners and empire hands.
    I know, as 10 cc said long ago, "Art for Love's Sake, Money for God's Sake..." something like that, anyway.
    Short story, I agree with anything I know that you're erudite and incisive writing covers, and this one, as LP, comes out every once in a while to amuse and delight me too. Thanks from all us music/art lovers for bringing us all you do.

    Best for 2013,

    Den NC USA

  3. Thank you Den for your nice words.
    A best 2013 to you!

  4. Lot's of talented high-priced help on this album, should make for an interesting listen. Thankyou very much for posting it. cheets....JeffH

  5. Many thanks for this...not easy to find...

  6. Thank you.

    RIP Peter.

  7. Gonna like it ;-)


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