Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birds and Buildings - Bantom To Behemoth (USA 2008) [ProgRock] @320

Birds and Buildings is the name of what is arguably the most notable USA's prog surprise for 2008, at least as a particular entity: given the fact that most members come from other interesting prog acts such as Deluge Grander and Cerebus Effect, this surprise of musical excellence and compositional strength shouldn't take us by surprise in an absolute sense. Well, now that I'm through with this pseudo- riddle, let me tell you right away that this "Bantam to Behemoth" album is an amazing exposure of eclectic progressive rock that ranges from Canterbury, space-rock, jazz-fusion, symphonic and avant- prog. All these elements are provided in a series of well defined sonorities linked through a cohesive unity of sounds and atmospheres.
(Cesar Inca - ProGGnosis)

1. Birds Flying Into Buildings (9:13)
2. Terra Fire (3:36)
3. Tunguska (6:33)
4. Caution Congregates and Forms a Storm (10:53)
5. Chronicle of the Invisible River of Stone (9:19)
6. Yucatan 65: The Agitation of the Mass (10:35)
7. Chakra Khan (5:59)
8. Battalion (9:55)
9. Sunken City, Sunny Day (3:19)

Dan Britton / keyboards, guitars, vocals
Malcolm McDuffie / drums
Brian Falkowski / saxophones, flute, clarinet
Brett d'Anon / bass, guitars
Megan Wheatley / vocals (5)


  1. Meu caro Crimson, um dos melhores albums dessa nova fornada de bandas prog que iuvi, muito boa mesmo. Obrigado pelas dicas dadas no soulseek e continue com este excelente trabalho.
    Um abraço, Diluiz

  2. Pois é Diluiz.
    Concordo com você. Um dos melhores albums dos últimos 3 anos.

  3. Your write-up has made this album sound very interesting, qnd I'm looking forward to listening to it, thankyou for posting it. cheers....JeffH

  4. thank you for reposting


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