Saturday, January 30, 2010

Asturias - In Search of the Soul Trees (Japan 2008) [ProgRock] @320

After two acoustic albums (one of which ranks among my all time fav live acoustic albums - Birds Eye View), this very talented band is now back to more electric venues. Yet they really keep the focus on implementing positive vibes and an optimistic attitude in form of instrumental music.
The creation of soft and harmonic symphonic melodies, even if in complex structures where the instruments interplay and complement each other are still the major working tools and techniques of this band. The music simply flows like a crystal clear water river, sometimes in narrowed passages where it accelerates and crisps a bit, but many times in calm and introspective forestall "run-throughs". Meaning that the band, once more, is capable of producing earfriendly tapestries where keyboards take the lead on several occasions, backed by a thoughtful rhythm section and planning acoustic guitars. The use of winds and orchestral instruments, of mellotron and all sorts of percussion instruments add a depth and a level of detail that highly enriches the music while never turning it too complex or invasive.
In fact the great art of this band is exactly maintaining the music in a very enjoyable melodic experience while exploring the possibilities that the chosen driven melodies allow, and working around those guidelines the band constantly amazes with its sympho-prog approach with a deep cinematographic feel.
The music sometimes steps into the boundaries of the epic while always keeping a soft and fragile feel. And this duality is brilliantly achieved with a natural and effortless sensitivity, proving that the musicians simply have that feel and are able to musically interpret it.
As simple uncompromising company music or full attention delight, this album never ceases to provide full enjoyment. It is one of those albums that, while never kept in continuous cd playing, will randomly find its way back to the tray in years to come. And this is what the classics are made of.
(Nuno - ProGGnosis)
01 - Spirits
02 - Revelation
03 - Reincarnation
04 - Fountain
05 - Woods
06 - Pilgrimage
07 - Paradise
08 - Storm
09 - Soul Trees
10 - Dawn

Yoh Ohyama: acoustic guitar,Spanish guitar,electric guitar, bass, mandolin, keybords, glockenspiel, harp, cello, percussions, synthesizer
Haruhiko Tsuda: electric guitar (VI)
Tsutomu Kurihara: electric guitar (V)
Satoshi Hirata: electric guitar (III)
Akira Hanamoto: mellotron (I,III,VIII)
Yoshihiko Kawagoe: piano (II,X)
Kaori Tsutsui: clarinet,recorders (I,II,VII)
Kyoko Itoh: violin (I,V)
Misa Kitatsuji: violin (IX)
Shigeo Sasaki: drums (II,IV,VIII)
Aya Nasuno: percussions
Kanako Itoh: voice
Hassy: voice


  1. Very excellent release. Se my review of this at progressiveears . com

  2. Love Asturias. It's my favourite group out of all the one's I've discovered here and elsewhere. Please keep up the good work of enabling us to find and hear music we never would find in the shops. Any chance of uploading the other acoustic album - you mentioned they's released two. Regards and thanks, Iljas

  3. Love this. Thanks for enabling us to find and hear things we just wouldn't be able to otherwise. Most shops are interested only in the mainstream. Thanks and regards, Iljas


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