Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pikapika TeArt - Moonberry (2010 Russia) [AvantProg] @320

PikaPika Teart is an absolute novelty for RIO fans. Explicitly following the tradition of great groups from the ’70, such as
Henry Cow, these guys from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, are proposing an original blend of acoustic and electric sounds, rock features and structured note-by-note written music. For AltrOck is an occasion to release a really interesting band coming from an «exotic» area of the world, unless forgotten, or forced to silence; for Pikapika, the chance to come out of Siberia and instantly go «into the world». Significantly, their music matches a modern musical language and the traditional music of their region, following the teachings of Russian masters like Stravinskij and Schostakovich: a good way to preserve local treasures and global visibility.

Influences: Henry Cow, Rational Diet, Stravinskij, Schostakovich, Anekdoten, King Crimson.

01 - Slavyanskaya 1
02 - Shifting Sands of Time
03 - Endless Chant of the Sliding Bridge in the Declining Day Twilight
04 - Rekrutskaya
05 - Slavyanskaya 3
06 - Project X
07 - For Glass
08 - Svadebnaya
09 - Slavyanskaya 5
10 - ProeMen. Glare of Sunlight
11 - Moonberry
12 - Plyasovaya
13 - Slavyanskaya Prazdnichnaya

Bulatov Maxim: Bass
Nikitin Roman: Guitar
Bushev Pavel: Guitar
Kryazhev Evgeniy: Drums
Amelkov Sergey: Clarinet, Bass clarinet
Bulatova Marina: Vocal
Shapovalova Nastya: Violin (1,2,6,9,10)
Ziborova Olga: Viola (3,5,7,11,13)


  1. I remember the only music that I listened to was blues,classical ,& jazz in no particular order with maybe some rock depending on company that stopped by.Then the internet and blogging came to be and has opened up a whole new can of goodies like the "RIO" style or "advant-prog" whatever you would like to call it.I just cannot for the life of me get enough (although budget restraints have curtailed my expenses somewhat)of this type of music,amd now here is another album that I will have to pick up.Thank you so much for letting me know about this group.

  2. dear friend.
    simply too much in my first audience
    I really liked.
    hugs. borabora


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