Saturday, November 5, 2011

Connivence - Connivence II (Vinyl Rip) (Canada 1979) [ProgFolk] @320K

If Connivence's first album was a rather confusing compilation of tracks from different artistes into a collective, the second album released the next year is much more of real album from a real artiste. Behind the astounding and superb watermill artwork of the cover, we're still dealing with pastoral folk, even if the folk gets naval as well with a couple of tracks. Neither Soucy or Oasis cared to participate to this effort, leaving Steve Burman and the duo Nous Autres and newcomer Guy LaFrance to fill the album, which gains in cohesiveness compared to its predecessor.

Nous Autres contributes to pure or trad folk songs like Quebec Au Printemps (a cheesy ode to Quebec that was obviously aimed at airplay) and Le Bateau or Une Goutte De Sang. But most of the tracks are hovering between folk rock and folk jazz, induced by Syncope's presence in backing Burman and LaFrance (see 1959 and Dac). Sometimes you'll hear chunks of early Harmonium influences, but then again the head-twisting Saskatoon is close to a jig in its last developments.

In the typical Quebec fashion, delicious female vocals are present, here France Charron on four tracks) including the delicious Le Mat, set to cello and strings, and the superb flute-laden Chanson D'Amour pour France is a Burman & Syncope tune with some jazz arrangements, but Dac and Cocottes De Kazou are much in the same mould. Nous Autres is back with the superb S'Il Y A De L'Amour that can only send shivers down your back. And wait until you get to the closing stunner Accouche Qu'On Baptise to get the same shivers.

Since these albums have never received a Cd reissue (legit or boot), there is only one hope for most of progheads to one day hear Connivence's first two collaborations, and that hope's name is ProgQuebec, but Connivence's vinyls are still quite cheap , the only trick is to ship them through the expensive Canada Post, but no doubt you'll not regret doing so.

Certainly worth a listen (and a few more), Connivence is the perfect music to get in close to your mate and start making some connivance.
-Sean Trane- Prog Archives

01. Québec au printemps
02. Le Mât
03. Chanson d'Amour pour France
04. DAC
05. Les Cocottes de Kazou
06. Saskatoon
07. S'il y a d'l'amour
08. 1959
09. Une goutte de sang
10. Le Bateau
11. Accouche qu'on baptise

Paul Pugnaire: guitars, composition, vocals
Marc Sommer: bass, vocals
Jean-Luc Gotteland: keyboards, vocals
Thierry Durbano: drums, percussions
Lionel Dugas: vocals, guitars


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