Friday, November 4, 2011

Fanfare Pourpour & Lars Hollmer - Karusell Musik (Canada/Sweden 2007) [AvantProg] @224

Brilliant composer and accordionist Lars Hollmer performs his wonderful tunes with a 20 piece orchestra, with the arrangements by Jean Derome. Great melodies, wonderful orchestrations and arrangements and a the amazing sound that only a large ensemble can produce. Highly recommended!

"Recorded “live” in the studio, Karusell Musik delivers 17 compositions by and with Swedish accordionist Lars Hollmer, orchestrated by Jean Derome for the Fanfare Pourpour. The Fanfare — an authentic large dance ensemble like they don’t make ’em anymore, with a brass section, saxes, clarinets, guitars, banjo, accordions, violins, and percussion — invites you to discover or rediscover the songs and tunes of Lars Hollmer. Lars Hollmer has travelled the world with his timeless melodies full of naive beauty and dancing lyricism, in a number of musical projects. Egged on by Jean Derome, the Fanfare Pourpour embarked on this adventure with Hollmer. In October 2006, Hollmer was back on Québec soil for a week of rehearsals and recordings: the Fanfare backing up Lars; Lars writing for the Fanfare. A double rapture where the Swede’s tunes find a new home and the Quebecois Fanfare is given pieces that were clearly meant for it.

01 - Ännu Ingen Pelle
02 - En grekisk faster
03 - Änte Flöttar ja te sjöss
04 - Arvevals
05 - Karusell musik
06 - Inte Quanta
07 - Avlägsen strandvals
08 - Skiss Mellan Brest och Segosero
09 - Experiment
10 - Cirkus 1
11 - Cirkus 2
12 - Sarasnoa
13 - Eyeliner
14 - Det måste bli gjort
15 - Boeves Psalm
16 - Pompen
17 - Simfågeldans

Lars Hollmer: Accordion, Composer, Vocals, Voices, Melodica, English Translations 

Jean Derome: Flute, Piccolo, Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone), Orchestration, Mixing, Musical Direction 
Luzio Altobelli: Accordion 
Lou Babin: Accordion 
Suzanne Babin: Clarinet 
Marie-Soleil: Bélanger Violin 
Eric Bernard: Guitar, Mandolin 
Guido Del Fabbro: Violin, Violone 
Jacques Duguay: Percussion, Grosse Caisse 
Normand Guilbeault: Bass, Contrabass 
Roy Hübler: Banjo, Guitar 
Nicolas Letarte: Cymbals, Caisse Claire 
Stéphane Ménard: Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor) 
Pierre Emmanuel Poizat: Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass), Vocals, Voices 
Jean Sabourin: Trumpet, Sousaphone, Trumpet (Bass) 
Pierre Tanguay: Percussion 
Némo Venba: Trumpet, Vocals, Voices 
Claude Vendette: Flute, Sax (Tenor)  


Solo albums:
XII Sibiriska Cyklar (1981)
Vill Du Höra Mer (1982)
Från Natt Idag (1983)
Joggingcharleston Singel (1984)
Tonöga (1985)
Vendeltid (1987)
The Siberian Circus (compilation, 1992)
Vandelmässa (1993)
Andetag (1998)
Utsikter (2000)
Autokomp A(nd)more (2001)
SOLA: Lars Hollmer's Global Home Project (2002)
Viandra (2007)

With Samla Mammas Manna:
Samla Mammas Manna (1971)
Måltid (1973)
Klossa Knapitatet (1974)
Snorungarnas Symfoni (1975)
Kaka (1999)
Dear Mamma (2002)

With Zamla Mammaz Manna:
Schlagerns Mystik / För Äldre Nybegynnare (1978)
Familjesprickor (1980)

With von Zamla:
Zamlaranamma (1982)
No Make Up (1983)
1983 (1999, rec. live 1983)  

With Ramlösa Kvällar:
Ramlösa Kvällar (Nights Without Frames) (1977)

With Fem Söker En Skatt:
Fem Söker En Skatt (1995)

With Looping Home Orchestra:
Vendeltid (1987)
Door Floor Something Window (live, 1993)

With Accordion Tribe:
Accordion Tribe (live, 1998)
Sea of Reeds (2002)
Lunghorn Twist (2006)

With Fanfare Pourpour:
Karusell musik (2007)


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