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Jean-Luc Payssan - Pierrots & Arlequins (France 2005) [ProgRock] @320

Together with his twin brother Thierry, Jean-Luc PAYSSAN was a co-founder of MINIMUM VITAL, more than twenty years ago. This band from the Bordeaux area has become popular among Progressive rock connoisseurs especially, as it took part in the movement's revival by the end of the Eighties. It also initiated a new musical language, somewhere between jazz-rock, Progressive rock and medieval music. The first solo album of Jean-Luc PAYSSAN is not that of a solitary man: Thierry's keyboards and Sonia NEDELEC's voice are here, as well as Bernard MILON's violin. The Master of Ceremonies offers in turn beautiful acoustic or nylon guitar parts. But not only: he also plays unusual instruments such as theorbo, ciste, mandolin, mandole and some percussions... These fourteen short and intimist pieces unveil melodies with an absolute splendour, music of total purity, both timeless and personal. Unlike most guitarists' albums, too frequently complacent and demonstrative, the artist here shows a perfect humility, while proving to be an outstanding instrumentist and composer, with an astonishing culture. No song sounds like another one here, both in its arrangements and inspiration. An absolute eclecticism serving a simply marvellous music: a fountain of purity !


01 - La Fontaine (2'53)
02 - Arlequins (2'28)
03 - Pierrots (1'17)
04 - Etats De Joie (5'25)
05 - Danse Vivace Pour Six Cordes (3'02)
06 - Au Bois Variations (4'40)
07 - Le Manège Aux Songes (2'21)
08 - Les Trois Dames De Mantoue (I. Prélude) (1'43)
09 - Les Trois Dames De Mantoue (II. L'Enjôleuse) (1'57)
10 - Les Trois Dames De Mantoue (III. La Rêveuse) (4'35)
11 - Les Trois Dames De Mantoue (IV. La Fougueuse) (1'15)
12 - Gaillarde Napolitaine (3'00)
13 - Larmes Bleues (4'04)
14 - Complainte Ancienne (1'37)

Jean-Luc Payssan - classical & acoustic guitar, mandolas, theorbe, zither, percussion, vocals
Bernard Millon - violin
Sonia Nedelec - vocals
Thierry Payssan - synthesizer, organ


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