Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mamadeus - Mamadeus (Netherlands 1983) [ProgRock] @192

Very Rare Flairck related work.
The connection with Flairck is the flutist Peter Weekers and the style of this album is very similar to Flairck.
Almost all instrumental album and played with high performance.
I didn't find any review about this album in the NET.
This is my vinyl rip. Not released on CD.

01. Omenom 3:35 
02. Manon 3:54 
03. Shaura 7:15 
04. Atlantis 4:30 
05. Poolijs 13:40 
06. Moira 5:40 
07. De wolkenkrabber 3:22 

Peter Weekers: fluiten, zang, xylofoon, vibrafoon.
Peter Leerdam: bas, klokkenspel.
Rob van der Vlugt: klarinet, bassethoorn, piano, vibrafoon, xylofoon, marimba
Frans Leerdam: mbira, xylofoon, vibrafoon, marimba, klokkenspel
Rob Husmann: gitaar, vibrafoon, maraca's, zang

Herman van Veen: zang 7
Peter Weekers: panfluit 7
Erik van der Wurff: toetsen 7
Chris Lookers: gitaar 7
Cees van der Laarse: bas 7
Jan Hollestelle: bas 7
Louis Debij: drums 7


  1. Hi CrimsonKing.

    I like Flairck. Didn't know of Mamadeus.

    Jan from the Netherlands

  2. Thank you!
    didn't know this album existed.

  3. Thanks for this one. Never heard of them before now.

  4. Fabulous! I am glad I can listen to this unforgotten music again, after all these years!

    BTW 'De wolkenkrabber' is actually 'De wolkentrapper'. I imagine someone riding a bike across the clouds :-)


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