Monday, August 3, 2015

North Sea Radio Orchestra - North Sea Radio Orchestra (2006 England) @320 [AvantProg]

North Sea Radio Orchestra is a unique chamber group who perform music of beauty and originality that has, at its heart, lyricism and melodic richness. Featuring wind, strings, percussion, guitars, organs and voices, theirs is a world in which melody and harmony abound.

The ensemble is of varying size, drawing on a pool of up to twenty members. It performs compositions which range from single-instrument solos and voice-and-guitar duos up to full chamber-orchestra-and-choir pieces (and all points in between, including assorted trios, quartets, quintets etc). The instrumentation within the ensemble features woodwind, strings, orchestral and electronic percussion, nylon-string guitar, chamber organ, piano and the human voice. 
Between six and ten members sing as “the North Sea Chorus”.

01. Organ Miniature (0:52)
02. Every Day Hath Its Night (3:22)
03. Kingstanding (7:19)
04. Chimes (12:32)
05. Guitar Miniature (1:11)
06. Mimnermus in Church (6:04)
07. He Gives his Beloved Certain Rhymes (5:06)
08. Hole in the Sky (4:49)
09. Joy for my Heart (3:00)
10. Shelley's Skylark (10:13)
11. He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven (2:43)
12. Bill's March (0:49)

Nicola Baigent / clarinet, bass clarinet
Luke Crooks / bassoon
Ben Davies / piano
Harry Escott / cello
Craig Fortnam / guitar, bass guitar, organ
Sharron Fortnam / lead voice
James Larcombe / piano, organ, hurdy gurdy
Richard Larcombe / voice
Dug Parker / voice
Geraldine Peach / oboe
Jen Underhill / violin
Hugh Wilkinson / percussion
Brian Wright / violin


  1. Thank you for sharing NSRO that I did not know and for the beautiful work with FOLK YOURSELF.

  2. You're welcome Mr. Giamu.
    NSRO is great! A rare sound nowadays.

  3. Thanks much!! Appreciate your time and effort

  4. I like these eclectic forms, with fluidity of contribution from a pool of players. A delight for the ears

  5. Obrigada por me convidar e disponibilizar essa verdadeira joia. Gosto de todos os álbuns de NSRO, mas vejo no primeiro álbum a obra prima. Valeu!!


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