Friday, January 8, 2016

Ensemble Nimbus - Key Figures (Sweden 1994) [ProgRock] @320

ENSEMBLE NIMBUS "Key Figures" are the third release from the excellent Swedish Ad Perpetuam Memoriam label (APM). They are mixing 70's influenced Zeuhl and RIO and obviously there's reminiscences to SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA, UNIVERS ZERO and VON ZAMLA. The interesting line-up includes among others Håkan Almkvist who's responsible for the compositions and the SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA drummer Hasse Bruniusson on Electric Batterie. APM is responsible for many interesting releases and this isn't an exception. Recommended!
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1. Slaget (The Battle) (5:04) 
2. Formaningen (The Exhortation) (4:48) 
3. Rabalder (The Commotion) (5:20)
4. Änglamakerskan (The Baby-farmer) (5:56) 
5. Skrapan (The Schramscraper) (3:29) 
6. Bo i Bingen (Lazy bones) (5:52)
7. Hönsper (The Eccentric Farmer) (3:44) 
8. Motvalskärring (Against the Stream) (4:17) 
9. Uti Svängen (Shake a Leg) (4:17)
10. Nyckelfiguren (The Key Figure) (3:26) 
11. Ekivoka Vänningar (Indecent turnings) (8:25)

Hakan Almkvist / guitar, bass, voice on "Commotion" 
Lars erik Björk / clarinet, bass-clarinet 
Hasse Bruniusson / electric batterie 
Stefan Karlsson / keyboard 
Kirk Chilton / violin


  1. Ouch. It may be prog or RIO, but it is so, I don't know how to say, polite. They play at this level of politeness that sounds like they are holding back. A lot. Art Zoyd, they ain't.

  2. For sure ...
    Nothing of Art Zoyd in their music.

  3. I enjoyed this very much. Do you have more?


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