Saturday, December 10, 2011

Asturias - Legend of Gold Wind (Japan 2011) [ProgRock] @320

Just over four years on from their last album, Marching Grass On The Hill, the internationally-celebrated Acoustic Asturias return with their third full-length release. The album's themes are the earth and the wind, through which the group express the cultural influences that have blown from Asia and Europe to faraway Japan over 12 stunning tracks; organic, dramatic and graceful, this is a powerful release that takes the listener on a real musical journey.

01 - Legend
02 - Dance In Gold Highland
03 - Betta Splendens
04 - Frozen Memories
05 - Perpetual Motion
06 - Juhannus
07 - Kaikoh
08 - Gren-Bosatsu
09 - Luca In Grass Wave
10 - Luca & Stella Into The Dark
11 - Kingdom Of Wind
12 - Kagerou

Tei Sena: violin
Kaori Tsutsui: clarinet, recorder
Yoshihiro Kawagoe: piano
Yoh Ohyama: guitar


  1. Maravilhoso!..Mais uma pérola da japonesa Asturias..
    Agradeço postagem...Vou ouvir com calma...As obras anteriores são encantadoras..
    JF-Série Echoes

  2. I bought this from Synphonic based on your review. Thanks.


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