Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Humble Grumble - Flanders Fields (Belgium 2011) [AvantProg] @320K

If you wish for an album to elevate your spirits, if you want happy and jovial music, if you want groove, excitement, jazziness and a bit of eclecticism, you're in the right "field".
Humble Grumble from Belgium started off as the folk group Dearest Companion in 1996. As this band dissipated, Humble Grumble came into being and have released three albums thus far, Flanders Fields being their first on the fabulous Italian AltrOck label. The lineup here consists of 8 members with a big cast of guest musicians. The album has 11 tracks on it, two of which are instrumentals, though you'll find a lot of their exciting instrumental prowess on all their songs.
Before addressing specifically the songs on here, the music on the Flanders Fields is as I said, of a positive and uplifting nature. It reminded me of the likes of Frank Zappa, Miriodor, Panzerpappa and Caravan. There are diverse styles meshed up together and confronted, silliness and humour, coolness and grooviness, jazziness and rock; all are well put to use in here.
-avestin (Prog Archives)-

01. Sirens Dance
02. Aging Backwards
03. Flanders Fields
04. Sleepless Night
05. Horny
06. Little Bird
07. Duck On A Walk
08. The Greatest Kick Of The Day
09. Never Lose Your Mind
10. Love Song
11. Purple Frog

Jonathan Callens: drums, backing voices
Jouni Isoherranen: bass, backing voices
Gabor Humble Vörö: guitar, voices
Pol Mareen: saxophone
Pedro Guridi: clarinets, backing voices
Pieter Claus: marimba, vibraphone, percussions
Lisa Jordens: backing voices (Track 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Hanneke Osterlijnck: backing voices (Track 3, 6)
Joriska Vanhaelewyn: backing voices (Track 2)
Juan Carlos Torres Iturra: Spanish voices (Track 5)


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