Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kauhukakara - Eläinten Fanfaari (Finland 2011) [AvantProg] @320K

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The second album of Kauhukakara leaps a huge step forward towards the realms of lovely fantasies. The passed three years have certainly guided the young musicians towards higher planes on the arts of their trade. As the most evident signs of development I would claim more advanced compositions, even tighter thematic appearance of the album, broader use of additional instruments and more extensive use of lyrics in the singing. The album shimmers with musical sophistication and good-hearted humour familiar from the debut album, and time has not changed the basic principles of the sound drastically.
-Eetu Pellonpää (Prog Archives)-

01. Fanfaari Eläimille - Fanfare for The Animals (4:19)
02. Kasinorppa - Casino-Seal (4:18)
03. Lehmilammen Valssi - Waltz Of The Cowpond (4:10)
04. Kierähtelevä Gaselli - The Spinning Gazelle (3:32)
05. Laiskiainen Stadissa - A Sloth in The City (3:31)
06. Dromedaarin Posetiivihurjastelut - Dromedary´s Hurdy-Gurdy Cruising (4:34)
07. Mäyränkummun Tragedia - The Tragedy of Badger Hill (3:37)
08. Pingviinien Marssi - March of The Penguins (6:03)
09. Majavan Soidintanssi - Beaver´s Mating Dance (5:57)
10. Oravan Elämää - Squirrel´s Life (3:19)

Joonas Kuusisto: acoustic bass, backing vocals
Pauli Lyytinen: tenor, soprano and bass saxophone,backing vocals
Anni Elif Egecioglu: vocals, cello
Tuomas A. Turunen: piano, backing vocals

Additional instruments by Kauhukakara: harmonium, prepared piano, balafon, kemence, mey, glockenspiel, percussive, analog synthesizers


  1. Grande abraço e feliz ano novo..muita saúde, paz e som maravilhoso..
    JF By Série Echoes

  2. I used to visit your blog years ago but when my old pc broke I just couldn't remember the name of your blog. I'm glad to be back for some sweet discoveries and I must say this album really got me! Thanks a lot for your sharing!


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