Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alamaailman Vasarat - Huuro Kolkko (Finland 2009) [Avant-Prog] @320

The Hammers of Hell (their name translated into English) return for their fifth great album! Their unique, heavy sound, which combines folk forms and RIO complexity and extended instrumenation remain in place and the band consists of Jarno Sarkula-saxes, clarinets, Erno Haukkala-trombone, tuba & piccolo trombone, Miikka Huttunen-pump organ, grand piano & melodica, Tuukka Helminen-cello, Marko Manninen-cello and Teemu Hanninen-drums and percussion. This is a concept album and we'll let the band explain the concept, but anyway, this is another excellent listen from a very dependable ensemble who can always be counted on!
-Wayside Music-

01 - Mielisaurus
02 - Liskopallo
03 - Meressa ei asuta
04 - Natiivit
05 - Luonto tuli lahelle
06 - Tujuhuju
07 - Luola
08 - Omalla ajalla
09 - Lautturin viivat

Jarno Sarkula: saxophones, clarinets, tubax, various ethnic woodwinds
Erno Haukkala: trombone, brass
Miikka Huttunen: pump organ, grand piano
Tuukka Helminen: cello
Marko Manninen: cello, theremin
Teemu Hänninen: drums, percussion


  1. Big thank you, King!
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  2. Thanks Allez.
    The blog is still in preparation phase.

  3. Many many thanks from Connecticut, USA. Your selection is my favorite, CrimsonKing! Good to see you again.
    Saw these folks at NEARFEST 2003 - fabulous show.

  4. Wow.....Great blog Crimson King..Im now off to explore the Progosphere :)

  5. Thanks From Chile :)

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