Saturday, January 23, 2010

Il Ruscello - Paesaggio Solare (Estate 1972) (Italy -2009) [Progressive Rock] @VBR

New Italian band based in London. They have done a great album in 2009. In the best tradition of the glorious 70's, their music moves without any hassles or sophistication. A wonderful album, reminiscent of the legendary Italian-prog bands, this album definitely stands out as one of the best revelations of 2009. Must-see!

I agree with the BTF promo on one thing.... when you first play "paesaggio solare" you do feel as if you are hearing a lost RPI album from 1972, albeit one with much better sound. Vintage sounding keys and guitars (acoustic and electric) are skillfully arranged with warm Italian vocals and a good, though not showboating rhythm section. BTF claims Silvio sounds like Gianni Leone but I think he sounds much more like Aldo Tagliapietra of Orme. The album has 6 tracks and is bookended by the two long pieces at 10 and 12 minutes in length. Here we feel the potential of Il Ruscello, with "Il Cielo in un Ruscello's" closing moments oozing dreamy, laid back Orme warmth, lovely keyboard atmospheres, and gentle vocals. It all sounds like a late summer day. The other epic tracks like the two-part "La Grande Citta" and "Orizzonti" features much more boisterous, full-throttle playing blended with lovely eccentricities: occasional pop keyboard runs, keys that mimic the harpsichord sound, delightful pastoral acoustic interludes, and tasteful electric guitar leads. Play by play descriptions are relatively useless because we all know the manic nature of great RPI with everything changing by the second. "La Quiete" is a short acoustic interlude with sweet piano. And there is the title track: beautifully constructed vocals and guitar parts with great keys and my favorite, matching opening and closing piano with that nostalgic, slightly melancholic feel.

1. Il Cielo in un Ruscello
2. La Notte di una Citta
3. Il Risveglio di una Citta
4. La Quiete
5. Paesaggio Solare (Estate 1972)
6. Orizzonti

Silvio Cavallo - (Vox, Acoustic Guitar, Drums)
Luca Harb - (Guitars, Synthesizers, Piano)
Giampaolo Cavallo - (Electric Bass, Orchestrations)

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