Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aranis - Aranis (Belgium 2005) [Avantprog] @320

For a very small country, Belgium certainly has a easily identifiable sounding style of new music, and Aranis, a septet of fantastic young players, fits right into the chamber-rock sound that we all know from fellow country-groups like Louise Avenue, Cro Magnon, Julverne and Univers Zero, as well as other European bands such as DAAU, Noetra, Silence IV, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Gatto Marte. The band consists of 2 violinists, accordion, piano, guitar, flute and double bass, with the flautist and one of the violinists also contributing some vocals. For fans of this sound, this will will thrill and amaze, and as it was self-released on a tiny label in Antwerp, don't delay too long in getting this, if it seems interesting to you. "Aranis is a contemporary band of young musicians. They alternate personal compositions with improvisation and intense solo performances. It's very hard to define the type of music Aranis brings. Acoustic/classic instruments are played in an unusual fashion. Aranis has taken the best parts of contemporary classical music, postrock and folk. Often compositions have a typical repetitive structure, which has a compelling and even flushing effect on the audience. The cinematic nature and strange rhythms of this music create a lasting impression. The atmosphere during the concerts is inimitable: passion, expressiveness and variation always play a key role".
-Wayside Music-

01. Indrigo
02. Jona
03. Vuur
04. Yosu
05. Oyma
06. Zilezi
07. Questosteron
08. Pantra
09. Labyrinth
10. Wespengraf

Joris Vanvinckenroye: Acoustic bass and composer
Linde de Groof: Violin
Liesbeth Lambrecht: Violin
Marjolein Cools: Accordion
Jana Arns: Flute
Axelle Kennes: Piano
Stijn Denys: Guitar


  1. There is some problem... I download two times but can't open file. Repost this extraordinary album if that isn't problem to You. Thanks!

  2. The file is perfect.
    I downloaded and opened with no problems.

  3. Another fantastic blog, mainly because you can listen music without downloading.
    I really appreciate progrock
    Thanks and success for this blog.

    greetings from Portugal

  4. It seems you've been around a while. Even though I've been looking for such a blog,. I've only just found you. You've introduced me to lots of awesome new music. Thanks especially for Calomito and BallroomQuartet!

    If you haven't already (and you probably have), check out Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Secret Chiefs 3 and Estradasphere!

  5. and also guapo, devil doll, miasma and the carousel of headless horses, manes, univers zero ( abig influence for aranis)

  6. Esta es otra banda extraordinaria, ojala haya mas musica de ellos y puedas publicarlo.
    Infinitas gracias por tu trabajo.


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